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The director of the Professional Licence in Web Development at the University of Cergy-Pontoise asked us to work on redesigning his site. Being in a group work, I proposed myself to realize the design of the new platform. Suite to the graphical research that I do on a regular basis, I opted for a sober, simple and modern interface. I wanted that the user would have access to all of the informations very quickly and very clearly. In addition to the design part, I took care of all the front end integration of the site. Layout, interaction and animation come straight from my creativity.

What I learned

During this project, I was able to increase my skills in archiving with Git, but also in integration with the help of HTML and SCSS. However, I used some JavaScript to make the menu. Regarding the design part, I didn't have the choice of colors. So I had to adapt to produce the interface on Adobe XD, which I'm becoming more and more proficient at.

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